History Of Escorts And How They Could Bring Benefits To Your Life

What is An Escort?
courtesanAn escort is a woman or man who gets paid by providing different types of services to a client. They usually give sexual services by meeting up in their client’s residence or hotel room, or the client goes to the escort’s house. However, some Los Angeles escorts agencies provide escorts to a client for a longer duration, whether is a holiday, trip, weekend, or a business trip. Sometimes, sexual activities during traveling are not allowed by the escort’s company, or the client does not require any of it and only wants companionship.

History Of Escorts
Escort services has been around for thousand of years. The history of escort services began during the ancient time in many different places of the world. During that period, escort services were referred to prostitution. The ancient people did this type of services in temples to worship their Gods. The prostitution services in the temples were executed on the 4th AD when the new emperor attacked and destroyed the goddesses that were getting worshiped and replaced it with Christianity.

However, in ancient Greece the prostitution was carried out by both women and men. Women were more influential and they made clients pay a lot of money to have their services. The women who were giving escort services or prostitution, had to dress in more different dresses from other women; they dressed in a more skin revealing dresses in public to let people know the type of services they did, so they could find new clients for services. Also, the women who gave prostitution services had to be externally beautiful, so she could attract as many clients as possible.

In Rome, the service of escort or prostitution was legal and even recognized as a high income business so the government could get taxes from it. Anyone who wanted to get a service from a prostitute had every right to inspect the female’s body before getting service from her. Many of the prostitutes or escorts in Rome were foreign, they knew the popularity of the easy money in Rome, so they came from different places to offer services for the Romans. One of the drawbacks of prostitution in ancient Rome, was that they used women for criminal activities and punished them.

courtesanIn Asia the escort services were quite different. Many of the women who became more successful in the escort service industry had a higher education than other women offering services. The most important work for escorts was to entertain the public, learning different types of dances that would attract the guests. The wealthy men in the industry loved the more intelligent or educated escorts; they would pay tons of money for them, and even the women became celebrities by this type of activities.

Nowadays, in the 21st century, the escort services have gained popularity all around the world. There are different types of services an escort can give, not only sexual services. Today is more than easy to find an escort; we have a great technology where you can find the woman or men of your dreams quick and easy.